Oh Happy Plants!

Houseplant Care, Reimagined.

House plant care should be easy!

We know that house plant care is easy - and we're here to show you how! 

Inside, find easy-to-understand information based on plant care experience that's 100% relevant to you. We're talking step-by-step video tutorials with TONS of photos and detailed explanations that not only tell you HOW to care for your plants, but also tell you WHY! 

But why is the 'why' important?

It has to do with increasing the utility of your knowledge. Would you rather know how to fix an issue with one plant - or would you rather know the cause of the issue and how it presents in many species, allowing you to make all of your plants happier?

We're guessing the latter!

Oh Happy Plants will give you an intuitive understanding of house plant care, allowing you to keep your babies healthy and growing!

What about all the info online?

Have you ever searched for plant care advice online and found conflicting, complicated, or unclear information? Have you ever purchased a new house plant and found SERIOUSLY vague instructions on the tag? What the heck is "medium" when it comes to light? And we know - there is no plant named "tropical foliage." It's ridiculous!

Have you ever wanted a super-knowledgeable friend to help you with house plants? 


...someone with six years of experience taking care of thousands of plants in  hundreds of locations? 

...someone who can figure out your plant species with a few questions, and then diagnose your issue with a couple more? 

...a friend who TOTALLY understands that none of us have time for complicated solutions and is willing to break it down in simple, easy to follow steps? 

...a friend who has been through every screw-up, bug, or dead plant under the sun and now knows how to fix it?

Oh Happy Plants is that friend! 


What's included in membership?

Member-Exclusive Tutorials

First, you get access to our member site. You'll find fabulous tutorials to give you confidence in tackling ANY issue with your house plants. We add more tutorials every month and we're constantly taking feedback from members, so our tutorial creation will change to adapt to what our members need!

Fabulous Q&A

To get your problems solved, submit questions and photos of your plants for our regularly-scheduled Q&A. We'll take the info you provide and your photos and create a tutorial video to solve your problem! We release this to the entire community, because trust us: others have the same issues you do. By submitting questions, you not only rescue your own plants - you save someone else's plants, too!

Meet YOUR People!

Next, our network is a social community of fellow plant lovers. Make friends! Share tips - and cuttings! These are YOUR PEOPLE, fellow plant lover! 

Oh Happy Plants Shop

You'll also have access to the Oh Happy Plants Shop, which brings you exclusive plant-themed items. Plant care products coming soon - and they'll be tested on hundreds of plants, because we only recommend stuff that works! It's our goal to make plant care EASY AS HECK, and our products and recommendations will seamlessly combine with tutorials so you know exactly what to do to keep your plants happy :)

Exclusive Offers and Freebies

Because we like to have a ton of fun, we also do member-exclusive giveaways and give our members early access to new products. What are the freebies? Maybe fertilizer, maybe a tiny hat for your succulent, who knows? :)

But wait, there's one more thing! 

Find a greater purpose with your Oh Happy Plants membership! We know that taking care of this beautiful planet means we need to care for all of the plants that call it home, too. As a company we are working to make everything have positive impact, and we'll be bringing this info to you! As we learn about sustainability choices that house plant parents can make we'll bring you that information, as well as info on volunteer efforts to help out across the globe. Stay tuned for more!

So come join us, and grow the world green with Oh Happy Plants!

That sounds great! What's inside right now?

For a quick video tour, check this out: https://youtu.be/kUOn8Xr2Tn4

Current tutorials:

  • Water Your Plants Like a BOSS
  • Troubleshooting Common Watering Issues; or: A few of the half-million ways I've screwed up my plants)
  • Spring Watering Changes
  • Why Not Re-Pot? Save yourself the hassle and only re-pot a plant when it actually needs it!
  • Mechanical Damage on Plants
  • So Your Plant Needs a Haircut: Dracaena Edition
  • All About Pot Set-Up; or: How to not be an idiot and dump water all over your table - like me, eight years ago
  • All About Bugs - this is our June tutorial series and will cover treatment for all the pests common to your plants!

This is just the beginning! We've got many more tutorials in the works and will be adding new ones each month based on member feedback.

Also, we're always open to help on production! Currently we're pretty rudimentary, as we launched this during quarantine while juggling full-time work, kiddo schooling, and building a business. We're always learning and growing, so (patiently) expect great things! :)

Love OHP? Be a Patron!

GREAT NEWS! We've just made the decision to broaden our member base by allowing free access for all! 

We made this decision after much consideration - while OHP info is unlike anything currently online and is incredibly valuable, we're more interested in everyone knowing what we're teaching than we are in making a bit of money.  So now OHP is totally free!

Running the site and creating the materials takes money, so if you'd like to contribute to the effort you can do so right here on Patreon. Thanks!